Why B2C_Drishti? 

Are you actually fed-up due to non-availability of up-to-date critical info of your business when you actually need it the most?

Are you unable to keep a proper check on the staff office timings with respect to timely check-in/checkout attendance?

Are you too much dependent on your accounts people for daily financial updates like accounts payable & receivable, stock-in-hand, sales/purchase return etc.?

Are your Sales / Marketing employees leaving your company frequently resulting in an important loss of information about your business clients followed/handled by them?

Are you really interested to deploy excellent HR policies/methodologies resulting in staff retention for business growth?

Are you actually looking for true marketing tools to enhance your business like emailing and SMS Alerts/ Reminders with mail-merge and grouping facility?

Are you constantly on move and still wish to have complete access to all your business information, including Sales, Purchases, A/c’s Receivable / Payable, GST, Appointments, Follow-ups, Staff work schedules etc. etc.?

If your answer is YES,

B2C_Drishti is the right solution available to you at the most economical rate with high ROI ratio.

 Key Benefits 



  •   - The scalability of device connectivity on various platforms which in turn       increases the device’s independence 
  •   -  Improved accessibility irrespective of time and location
  •   - Leverage the benefit of e-business by indulging customers, employees, vendors, etc 
  •   -  Connecting with browser by the help of internet is comfortable and easy



  •   - Accessing the operations of the business through the remote location is a possibility
  •   - Without any cost of installation from the cliental end the service can be availed easily



It includes following fully functional integrated Modules:

Admin & Security


POS (Point of Sale)


HR Management



In-House Management

Bulk SMS and EMAIL

In a nutshell, B2C_Drishti is a product for Retailers / Traders / Wholesalers / Service Providers to bring everything happening in the business together, including Office Administration to Inventory to Sales to Finance for HR Management to Customer Relationship to In-house Maintenance to SMS Alerts / Reminders. In one, easy-to-use web-browser based application software interface.