B2C_Digital Food Court 


 How it functions? 

It uses the prepaid Smart Cash Card that can be used in food courts, the speciality being that it comes with flexible/unlimited validity and the time limit on usage as per the sole discretion of the management.

The handy Smart Cash Card saves time with no cash payment needed at food counters, making its usage and application simpler, even for kids. The Smart Cash Card carries a refundable security deposit and can be loaded with as much value as one wants. Having possession of the Smart Cash Card with required cash usable balance, the customer proceeds to any dispensing counter for hassle-free order placement.

The order payment is done instantly simply by placing the Smart Cash Card onto the Smart Card Reader/Writer Machine at POS location and the required money gets debited from the Card within seconds. No messy change to hand back and no longer ordering queues to wait in for the customer.

Once this amount is used, the customer can either return the Smart Cash Card while taking back the security deposit or can keep the Card and get it loaded with the desired amount with ease for further use.

Customers who do not intend to use the available balance can return the card and take a refund along with the security deposit. The returned card is then back in flow with another customer.

The back end administration controls the Retailer/Merchant information, Menu Setup and Pricing and helps in the automatic calculation of Profit / Revenue sharing ratios.

The food court operator gets complete and accurate reporting of all counter sales and cash management is restricted to only the card issue counter(s).

 Key Benefits 



  • Keeping the track record of the sales on the counters is smooth and easier.
  • The multiple placement of orders can be done without any hassle and thereby the processes get simplified. 
  • - The facility of the smart card can be invoked where the depositing the amount is possible. And likewise refunding can be when the smartcard in withdrawn within the pre-defined period.
  • - Managing the huge crowd of customers is seamless which in turn enhances the footfall of the particular food joint.
  • - Better and efficient management which helps in handling the processing and minimizing the operation time and thereby catering to large number of people becomes a cake walk. 
  • Managing the billing counter and keeping the accounts check adequate aids in faster processing and easier bill splits




  • The advantage of centralized cash collection helps in managing the data and having the record for future reference
  • -The interactive and customized solution allows to have multiple tender modes
  • - Easily manageable point of sale (POS) further helps in the operational efficiency
  • -  Preparing business intelligence reports for the managerial decision is easy
  • - Updating the card’s validity is possible which aids the consumer in preference
  • - Security controls at various levels assists in preventing any fraudulent activities
  • - Searches can be tailored as per the product, customer and suppliers
  • - Revenue reporting helps in keeping check of the things and thereby managing the tenants and merchants
  • - Managing more than one kitchen at a time becomes flexible
  • - The interactive and user friendly interface eases in fast implantation and minimal training time and cost
  • Managing single or multiple cash counters is possible where the charging, issue of cash cards, Top-up or managing refunds becomes possible at one counter itself.



It includes following fully functional integrated Modules:

Admin & Security

Smart Cash Card

POS Management


Bulk SMS and EMAIL

In Nutshell the above Modules help the Management in determining the right mix - Improving employee efficiency - Generating operational efficiency - Managing peaks and lows - Ensuring consistency & Quick Service thus Managing Customers on the fly in the most smooth and efficient manner.