B2C Digital POS

A complete Solution (Hardware & Software) that works to give you a completely automated retail management system that fully supports barcodes and integrates with all your back end operations in real time. Replacing stand-alone cash registers or separate retail software, our integarted solution empowers you with all the audit trails needed for end-of-day reports.

In addition, this software enables inventory tracking in real-time, allows capture of all vendor / customer information making for improved service, and permits flexible product pricing configuration with checks to prevent your staff from selling at lower than designated rates.

What's more, by maintaining customer information in the database, B2C_DigitalPOS System enables your sales persons to up-sell and cross-sell your other products and services.

How can B2C Digital POS help you?

This powerful solution for Retailers runs on fully integarted Hardware inclduing All-in-One, Billing Printer, UPS, BarCode Sacnner and Application Software and helps you manage a wide range of store operations and customer marketing tasks, including:

1 Point-of-Sale Operations
2 Inventory Control and Tracking
3 Pricing, Sales, and Promotions
4 Customer Management and Marketing
5 Employee Management
6 Vendor Tracking
7 MIS Reports

The strength of the product lies in it's modular design that enables you to enhance your business productivity significantly without having to purchase functionality you don't need and thus saving you money. With this integrated system, you get a powerful yet affordable small business management solution right-out-of-the-box!
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