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Smart Card Solutions

Smart Cards have become a part of daily life of people in the form of credit cards, driving licenses, membership cards to employee identification badges. Issuing your own cards gives you the required flexibility, rapidity and reliability. Smart Cards have gained remarkable awareness mainly due to the worldwide trend of bank cards and credit card migration. As all agree, the key benefit of smart cards is its security in financial applications. In conjunction with network development, and along with variety of applications possible in fields such as medicine, education, entertainment and government and administrative services, we will soon see a universal use of smart cards across the industries. Such applications require smart card systems as simple and as effective as possible, capable of managing multiple smart card usages.

Biometrics solutions evaluate a particular set of an individual's statistic for determining identity. In the technology sphere, Biometrics denotes to a peculiar category of identification applications. These technologies utilize an individual's specific biological attributes to determine identity. These traits include fingerprints, iris patterns and retina, facial features and many more.

From Microprocessor Chips (Contact / Conatless) to Application Management Systems, B2C Systems provides optimal solutions in every application.