B2C Digital Club

A Windows-cum-Web based complete ERP (Enterprise Resourse Planning) Package fully integrated with Membership SmartCards (Contactless) to automate any Club Offiecrs' Institute. Thus having the utmost utilization of the available resources including skilled and not-so-skilled manpower.

Basically the complete automation system works on a single-point entry system where any information entered once from any location gets reflected into various concerned department automatically, e.g. payments received at the Cash Counter or at the reception including cash coupons etc. gets transferred to A/c ’s receivable and Members’ A/c’s automatically. There is no location where any info needs to be replicated manually again.

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Top Benefits
  • The system helps the top-level management in making strategic use of information to evolve and develop various strategies to gain advantage, through new products or services or through dealing effectively with the Members as well as the Suppliers.
  • Improve Management and Members Servicing and consequently better satisfaction of both the management (at all the levels) and the members.
  • It is comprehensive to the extent that even a layman with little or no knowledge of computers has been able to adapt to the proposed system without much supervision and training.
  • Emphasize on on-Line systems, as a result of which the users would be able to schedule operations more efficiently and manage better control over resources
Modules & features
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image description Admin & Security

    To help the Club Management to protect the system against unauthorized access to the important data relating to the members information/ inventory/ billings/ and accounting information. The security module will be designed in such a way to have proportionate access to the information depending upon the authority/role of the specific users.

    For example: The top-level authority will have all rights to add / modify any information through out the whole integrated software system. But a memo / log will be generated automatically by the software to record the event happening at any moment of time relating to data modifications. There can be maximum 9 levels of security definitions.

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