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Application Software Solutions

The Application Development team of B2C Systems is adept at providing customized, scalable and interactive software solutions. B2C Systems develop IT solutions that shape the corporate intranets and extranets to actualize streamlined communication structures for their businesses by integrating the internal processes of the organizations to its customers and suppliers. Our work processes are designed for creating the best technological solutions for satisfying our customers.


Windows Linux
  • Microsoft.Net (ASP.Net/ VB.Net/ C#)
  • AJAX
  • WIN SERVER 2008/2010
  • MS SQL 2005/2008
  • PHP
  • MY SQL

Step by Step Methodology
  • System requirements analysis
  • Application software design and development
  • Smart card type and hardware selection, evaluation and programming
  • Smart card personalization; (formatting, design and production)
  • Smart card integration and system security
  • Personalized smart card issuing
  • Application smart card deployment
  • Training and support