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B2C Systems brings revolution in club automation sector

 19-09-2018 02:46:00

Gone are the days when we had had to get the specimen signature verified each time we had gone to a bank to draw money or take out belongings from the vault and had wait for hours for the turn to come. We may recall things began changing by late 80’s when for the first time in history Back Office Management in Europe conducted successful field trials of ATM bank cards. The concept was totally alien. The idea was to provide security to its customers apart from offering a transparent and hassle-free transaction. In 1986, over 14,000 cards equipped with the Bull CP8 were distributed to clients of the Bank of Virginia and the Maryland National Bank. Soon, the National Palm Beach Bank and the Mall Bank also had issued over 50,000 Casio cards to its clients. 

The ‘big’ revolution had come with the introduction of microchip-based bank cards also called Smart Cards in early 90’s when big players like Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) had published joint specifications for global microchip-based bank cards. Smart Cards are the standard plastic credit or debit card with a microchip. Chip payments make our transactions more secure when we use our card at merchants with chip-enabled terminals.

The journey of smart card technology has come a long way ever since the innovation and introduction taking place across the globe has made technology user-friendly. In today’s hi-tech world life without Smart Card is unthinkable. We have become totally dependent and on these cards also called ‘Plastic Cards’ especially where we are required to maintain a check and balance of resources like the service sector. B2C Systems Limited is one of the pioneers which had brought-in the concept of a microprocessor-based membership smart card in India and offered a large number of clients across the Sports and Recreational Clubs by providing them with the membership tracking software. Apart from providing solutions to Smart Club Membership, B2C Systems assists these clubs with Club Membership Subscription and Facility Billing and online membership management software among other facilities. 

The system comprises of B2C digital club software having client-server networking structure like best pos system for the restaurant with membership Smart Card reader/writer machines and personalised membership Cards for all members along with their spouse and departments while the guest Cards for affiliated club/reciprocal club membership. By installing these online Club Membership Management Software, the members are not only able to keep track of all the transactions from paying membership fees to bills but at the same time can enjoy the privilege of booking a venue or banquet by sitting within the comfort of their homes. The software is developed in a way that even those with little tech-knowledge can operate the system.   

 The club management software is fully automated and the staff is not required to do brain-storming over crunching numbers, counting hours, and reconciling discrepancies. The software does it all while you just focus on your business. The companies in its endeavour to offer the ‘best’ technology to its clients keep abreast with the latest innovations and keep updating the system.

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