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Advantages of Club Automation Software

 09-10-2018 06:06:28

B2C Systems Limited made its foray into the world of Club Automation sector. This fully 'dedicated' automated software has been providing all the key assistance to clubs in fetching and maintaining data of members. Technically saying this software is a package of windows-cum-web based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that is fully integrated with membership club management software. Members at various social, sports or recreational clubs are using Club Automation software. Club Automation software or online club management software are club database software that helps these clubs to fetch member’s data as soon as his membership card is put in use and maintain detailed record of the facilities the members have been using along with their cost etc.

ERP system is an ongoing process as updating and upgrading the system is essential in order to cater best to clients. To become a successful ERP provider, one has to keep testing the process.  Testing enables companies to upgrade the ERP as per demand which not only saves time but also costing.  The upgradation of ERP helps clients to perform fast and increase its productivity.

ERP software, clubs have been providing managers and key stakeholders with quick look-ups. The software has helped clubs in checking data thoroughly.

Club Membership Subscription and Facility Billing, online membership management software. The platform helps in front-desk management, billing, CRM, reporting and online self-service dedicated tools for its clients.

B2C digital club software equipped with client-server networking structure comprises of the advanced pos system being used by restaurant with membership Smart Card reader/writer machines and personalised membership Cards for members. While the facility of guest cards is provided for the affiliated /reciprocal club membership.

Front desk - This dedicated feature enables members to sell, issue, and redeem guest facility passes.

Customer relationship management (CRM) - The feature manages memberships. The system sends emails, SMS messages to clients and members. Issues reward points to old and loyal customers. The feature helps organisations to capture signature electronically, attach documents to the client's profile individually. 

Advanced billing engine - This feature helps to formulate advanced pricing that helps to schedule the entire billing process. Helps to maintain accurate and up-to-date accounts, ledgers.

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